Learning that your family member needs surgery – whether they happen to be of the two-legged or four-legged variety – can be a frightening time filled with anxiety and uncertainty. You want to make sure your loved one will receive the best possible care. At Noah’s Stop 11 Animal Hospital, we understand the feelings of nervousness and concern you’re experiencing and we want to set your mind at ease. Rest assured that when it comes to surgery, the safety and comfort of our patients is always our top priority.

Our highly skilled doctors are experienced in performing a wide variety of surgical procedures, both routine and complex, using the most up to date equipment and techniques and always adhering to the strictest standards of care. We carefully screen all surgical patients prior to any procedure to determine whether they are healthy enough to proceed. We never want to place our patients at risk and we’ll take every measure to ensure a smooth, uneventful experience.

From the moment you drop your pet off until you return to bring them home, your companion will be in caring, capable hands. Prior to surgery, your pet will receive a tailor-made pain management plan designed to address his or her specific needs and risk factors. We want to keep your companion as safe and comfortable as possible at all times while in our care. Pain medication is carefully administered by our well trained veterinary technicians and monitored closely throughout the procedure.

During your pet’s surgery, our doctors will work diligently to perform the procedure in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Your companion’s vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels, will be closely supervised by our experienced care team, using the most modern monitoring equipment available. We take extra care that your pet remains as comfortable as possible by providing heated surgical tables and other amenities.

When the doctor has completed the surgery, your pet will be gently moved to our warm, quiet recovery area where he or she will receive an individual bed and continue to be monitored as the anesthesia begins to wear off. A member of our care team will reach out to you to explain how everything went and schedule your pet’s pick up time. In many cases, surgical patients are able to go home the same day as surgery. When you arrive to retrieve your pet, we’ll explain any postoperative care instructions we may have, and provide advice on how to help your pet recover as comfortably as possible at home.

Following surgery, should any questions or concerns pop up, or you need clarification on aftercare instructions, please do not hesitate to call. Our goal is to make your pet’s surgery as stress-free and positive an experience as possible, and to have them on the path to a full and speedy recovery as quickly and painlessly as we can.

Whatever your companion’s surgical needs, whether it’s a routine spay or neuter, or something more complex and medically necessary, our team of dedicated, experienced professionals is here to help! Give us a call and let’s discuss how we can assist with all of your pet’s surgical care needs.

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