Cold Weather Care for Dogs

Winter is just around the corner! Whether you are looking forward to fun winter activities, like sledding, skating, and snowmobiling, or already anxious for spring, the cold weather is coming. If you have a dog, you may need to make some minor changes to Fido’s care routine at this time of year. Here, an Indianapolis, IN vet discusses cold weather care for dogs.


Dogs with thin fur often need extra protection from the cold. Have some fun when shopping for Fido, and pick things that let his personality shine through. Just be sure that your furry pal’s clothes fit properly, and are not tight, hot, itchy, or constricting. Avoid anything with zippers, small parts or dangling pieces.


Since the sun sets so early in winter, you’ll probably be taking Fido out after dark quite often. A few simple precautions will help keep you and your furry buddy safe. Stick to well-lit, busy paths, use reflective gear, and bring a flashlight and cell phone with you. If you walk along the side of a road, keep your pup to the outside, as he’ll be harder for drivers to spot.


When temperatures drop, you may want to limit your canine pal’s outdoor time. After all, it isn’t much fun taking a long walk in frigid temperatures! Don’t let Fido become a couch potato, however. Keep him active indoors by playing fetch, or getting him to do stair runs.


If your canine friend spends a lot of time outdoors, he may need extra calories at this time of year. Nursing mamas, puppies, and working dogs may also need bigger serving sizes in winter. Ask your vet for nutritional advice.


Fido certainly is adorable when he’s curled up in his bed! Make sure your pooch has a comfortable doggy bed to snuggle up in on frigid days.


Dead fur, dirt, and dander can all reduce the insulating qualities of your dog’s coat. Keeping Fido properly groomed will not only keep him looking good, it will also help him stay warm!

Paw Care

Snow, ice, sand, salt, and de-icing agents can all hurt Fido’s furry feet. Choose pet-safe de-icing products. If your canine buddy won’t wear booties, use paw balm to protect his paws.

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