Bringing Your Shelter Dog Home

October is officially Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! If you are planning to adopt a shelter dog soon, you certainly have our full support. It’s wonderful to see sweet, homeless dogs getting a second chance at happiness! Here, an Indianapolis, IN vet offers some tips on helping Fido settle in.

Shopping List

Before you bring your new pet home, you’ll need some doggy supplies. Your shopping list should include toys, treats, bedding, waste baggies, grooming supplies, a leash and collar or harness, and a crate or carrier. If you know what type of food Fido has been eating, get that same brand at first. Make changes slowly, and only after consulting your vet.

Veterinary Care

Although shelter dogs are typically neutered and current on their vaccinations, Fido will still need a full exam. Schedule an appointment ASAP. This will also give you a great chance to get some professional advice on your furry pal’s diet and care needs.

Getting Set Up

Put your dog’s things in a quiet back room at first, especially if you have other pets. This will give your furry friend a quiet, comfy space to settle in. Don’t be surprised if your canine buddy sleeps a lot at first. This is normal: being in a shelter environment can be very stressful for Fido, and he may need to recuperate.


Many shelter dogs have been through quite a bit. You’ll want to take extra precautions at first, especially until you get to know your pooch. Make sure that your fencing is secure, and use a sturdy leash and harness or collar, in case your four-legged pal gets spooked by something and tries to bolt. We also recommend doing some puppyproofing: remove or secure poisonous plants, wires and cords, and anything toxic, small, or sharp. Ask your vet for more information.

Tail Wags

A dog’s love is truly unconditional, but it will take time, patience, and TLC to develop that special bond with your pooch. Give your canine pal plenty of time to adjust, and don’t force attention on him. For now, just spend time with your new furry buddy. Play with Fido, pet him, offer toys and treats, and just get to know him. You’ll have that tail going in no time!

Do you need to make an appointment for your pet? Contact us, your local Indianapolis, IN animal clinic, today!

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