Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Dog

If you have a dog, you probably know your canine buddy pretty well, and can likely list his favorite snacks, places, and toys off the top of your head. However, Fido is chock full of interesting traits, some of which may surprise you. Here, a Greenwood, IN vet lists some things you didn’t know about your dog.

Smart Pup!

There’s no doubt that some of our canine pals are very smart. In fact, Fido’s intelligence is roughly comparable to that of a two-year old child. Of course, intelligence does vary a bit from pup to pup. The Border Collie, a herding dog, is thought to be the smartest.

Welcome To The World

When puppies are born, they are initially blind, deaf, and toothless. It takes little Fido about two weeks to start processing sights and sounds.

Super Nose

Did you know that roughly 40% more of Fido’s brain is devoted to processing scents than that of a human? That cute little nose is quite remarkable! Man’s Best Friend is capable of sniffing even minute traces of scents. In fact, dogs can have as many as 125 scent receptors. (In comparison, the average human has a measly 5 million.) Another interesting fact about Fido’s nose is that his noseprints are truly unique, just like a human fingerprint. The nose art your cute pet leaves on your window really is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! However, if you don’t want to keep your furry pal’s handiwork, use vinegar and newspaper to remove it.

Doggy Talk

Man’s Best Friend can learn up to 250 words. That’s at the high end of the spectrum, though: most dogs can learn about 150. (‘Bacon’ and ‘Treat’ are probably Fido’s favorites, while ‘Bath’ may be the one he likes the least.)


When dogs drink water, they don’t just suck it up out of their bowls. Fido actually shapes his tongue into a little ladle, so he can scoop water into his mouth.

Dreaming Doggies

In case you’ve ever wondered, our furry buddies do dream. Though small dogs seem to have more dreams, the dreams of big dogs last longer. As to what Fido dreams about, well, no one knows for sure. However, we’re guessing grassy fields, treats, bacon, and squirrels factor in.

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