Is Your Pet Bored?

Have you ever wondered if your pet is bored? Boredom may not be something that immediately comes to mind as something for pet owners to worry about. After all, many of our furry friends seem quite content doing absolutely nothing most of the time! However, even pets that spend the vast majority of their days napping will still need entertainment options. Read on as an Indianapolis, IN vet discusses boredom in pets.

The Perils of Boredom

Just like people, pets can get restless and cranky when they’re bored. If your furry buddy has nothing to do but stare at four walls all day, he or she may become frustrated and unhappy, and could start acting out. For instance, bored kitties sometimes act grumpy or aggressive. Fluffy may also scratch things, soil outside her litterbox, or groom herself excessively. As for Fido, he may dig, chew, or even try to escape. Dogs and cats also tend to eat more when they are bored. This can contribute to obesity, which is very bad for your pet’s health! It’s worth noting that these things can also be caused by health issues, so if you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, contact your vet immediately.

Entertainment Options

Fortunately, it isn’t hard to keep your pet amused. First and foremost, make sure your furry buddy has lots of fun toys to play with. If you have a kitty, offer your feline pal at least one comfy window seat with a good view. If you have a dog, take your canine pal for regular walks, so he gets a change of scenery. The occasional trip to a doggy park or café can also keep that cute tail going. Training is another great way to keep your pet occupied and stimulated. If you have a yard, you may also want to consider making a puppy playzone. Add a doghouse, a sandbox, and ramps for Fido to explore and conquer.


Take time to play with your pet every day. The mental stimulation your furry buddy gets from playing can help prevent boredom and anxiety. It can also help ward off the cognitive decline some pets face in their senior years. Even a few minutes will be beneficial!

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