Greyhound Adoption Month

Did you know that April is officially Greyhound Adoption Month? There are far too many greyhounds out there that desperately need good homes. These lovable pooches can make wonderful pets! Read on as a local Greenwood, IN vet discusses the Greyhound.


Originally bred as hunting dogs, Greyhounds are very agile and are quite smart. They are medium-sized, rarely weighing more than 85 pounds. Their average lifespan is about 12 to 15 years. As you may know, Greyhounds are often used in racing: they can run up to 45 mph! Unfortunately, many retired race dogs end up in rescues or shelters. Although they are most renowned for their speed, Greyhounds tend to have very sweet, lovable temperaments. These friendly dogs can make wonderful family pets! They are very smart and affectionate, and they get along great with kids. If you are considering adopting a dog, a Greyhound may be a great match for you!


Greyhounds are not difficult to care for, but they do have a few specific needs. You’ll need a harness or a special martingale collar for Fido, as he can easily slip his head through a regular collar. Greyhounds also have thin fur, and can get chilly easily. Make sure your pup has a warm, cozy bed to snuggle up in when it gets cold! You may also need to put a sweater on Fido in winter to keep him warm. These guys love to run, and are rather prone to chasing squirrels, so you’ll need to keep your furry friend leashed whenever you take him off your property. It’s also important to make sure your pooch gets lots of exercise. However, don’t assume that Greyhounds are high-energy: in fact, they are expert nappers, and do quite well in apartments. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Letting Fido Settle In

Are you adopting a Greyhound? That’s wonderful! Before you bring Fido home, you’ll want to do some shopping. Your pooch will need bedding, grooming supplies, food, toys, treats, a carrier, dishes, and a leash and harness. If possible, put these things in a quiet back room at first, so your canine pal can relax and settle in. If you have other pets, make introductions slowly and carefully. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health, diet, or care? Contact us, your local Greenwood, IN animal clinic, today!

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