Cute Ways Cats Demand Respect

Did you know that March 28th is Respect Your Cat Day? Actually, as far as our feline overlords are concerned, every day is Respect Your Cat Day. Kitties do have a way of bossing their humans around! Here, a local Indianapolis, IN vet lists some super cute ways cats demand respect.

Smug Look

There is a quote about how cats have never forgotten the fact that they were worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt. This may be why kitties often look so smug and superior. This could also explain why our feline friends are also so fond of high places. They certainly seem to enjoy looking down on their human servants from a high vantage point.

Call Forwarding

Have you ever called your cat, and then started to worry when she didn’t appear? You may have started searching for your pet, only to find her perfectly safe and realize she was clearly ignoring your summons. It probably won’t surprise you to know that there have been studies done on this, and they seem to show that, yes, Fluffy was in fact ignoring you.

Kitty Orders

As they say, while dogs have owners, cats have staff. Fluffy may very well have you trained to feed or pet her on demand!

No Boundaries

Kitties just don’t understand the concept of privacy or borders. Fluffy may follow you around, and might even trail you into the bathroom. Your furball may nonchalantly walk across your counters, dressers, or table. Fluffy has also been known to sprawl out atop our books, computers, and laptops.

Sleeping Habits

Cats certainly aren’t shy about using us as furniture. Our furry friends also like to sleep in our laps, or even on top of our heads!

Meow Manipulation

Did you know that kitties may have started meowing specifically to boss their human friends around? Adult cats don’t talk to each other: they generally save their meows for telling us they want dinner. Although we initially prized cats for their hunting ability, it probably didn’t take them very long to realize that we are complete suckers for cute faces and plaintive meows. Actually, for all we know, Fluffy’s ancestors may very well have just walked right into someone’s house and made themselves at home.

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