6 Things You Will Say to Your Cat in 2017

It’s officially 2017! As we move forward into the new year, thousands—if not millions—of people are making new resolutions. Meanwhile, many of our feline friends will simply continue on with their normal napping schedules, completely unimpressed by the holiday. Cats may be small, but they are full of personality, and have more than their share of adorable quirks. Here, an Indianapolis, IN vet lists some things you may tell your kitty in the new year.

Get Down From There

Kitties love exploring. Many of our feline buddies also enjoy climbing up to high places, so they can get a better view of what’s going on in their domains. There’s a pretty good chance that at some point in the next 12 months, you’ll find yourself plucking your adventurous pet off a table, countertop, or dresser.

Stop Trying To Trip Me

Cats have some pretty effective tricks for getting our attention. Running in front of us and weaving around our ankles are two of Fluffy’s favorites!

I Just Fed You!

Does Fluffy ever meow for her dinner, only to immediately turn her nose up at your offerings and demand something different? There actually is a valid reason for your kitty’s fussiness: since cats always eat their prey fresh in the wild, they will instinctively ignore anything that smells even a little bit old.

Sorry, But I Have To Move You

Our furry overlords look absolutely adorable when they are sleeping. Of course, Fluffy sometimes sleeps on things we actually need to use, like our chairs, beds, desks, and computers. If you move your sleepy pet mid-nap, she’ll probably respond with a cute little meow that is very specifically meant to make you feel guilty.

Get Out Of There!

Fluffy is very curious, and is often fascinated by nooks and crannies. If you open a closet that is usually shut, or start packing a suitcase, your adorable furball will probably waste no time in exploring it.

I Have To Get Up

Kitties make great lap warmers! Many of our feline buddies love to snuggle up in their owners’ laps. Unfortunately, we can’t spend all of our time being cat furniture, so some of Fluffy’s naps may be cut short.

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