Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month? This is a truly wonderful cause! Older pets make great pets, but, sadly, they often face very grim odds when it comes to being adopted. Read on as a Greenwood, IN vet discusses adopting senior pets.

The Plight of Senior Pets

Many senior pets end up in shelters through heartbreaking circumstances. Some were abandoned by their owners after years of love and devotion, while others are ‘traded in’ for younger models. This is extremely sad, and very traumatic and scary for these older pets. To make matters worse, these sweet furballs often have a very hard time getting adopted, as people often opt for kittens or puppies.

Benefits of Adopting A Senior Pet

There are actually many great reasons to think about choosing an aging furball over a baby dog or cat. For one thing, many senior pets are already trained, and know what is expected of them. Fluffy and Fido are also very calm in their senior years, and tend to be more interested in cuddling and companionship than in playing. This is great for people who aren’t highly active themselves, and for anyone who isn’t quite up to caring for a furry ball of zoom. Another possible advantage to adopting a senior pet is the fact that it isn’t as long a commitment as taking in a kitten or puppy. And last but not least, older pets are super cute! Fluffy will be an expert napper and sunbeam-hunter, while Fido may want nothing more than to snooze quietly at your feet.

How To Help

If you are considering adopting a new pet, please think about getting an older animal. Even if you aren’t ready to adopt a senior pet right now, there are still ways you can help these sweet furballs. Another thing you can do is to just spread awareness about senior pets. Share posts on social media, and, if you have children, talk to them about our four-legged friends. Many people who have adopted older pets find that their furry friends are not only super cute, but extremely sweet and well behaved. Every little bit helps!

Do you have a senior pet? Is your furry pal due for veterinary care? Contact us, your Greenwood, IN animal clinic, anytime! We are happy to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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