Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Is your feline friend overdue for veterinary care? If so, we recommend you make an appointment. Proper veterinary care is crucial to your kitty’s health. It just so happens that August 22 is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! Below, an Indianapolis, IN vet discusses taking Fluffy to the doctor.

Scheduling Appointments

Your cat’s veterinary care needs will change as she ages. When your feline friend is a kitten, you’ll need to bring your little ball of fluff in for her initial vaccines and exams, as well as microchipping and spay/neuter surgery. Adult kitties may only need to come in once or twice a year, for checkups and vaccines. Once your pet reaches her golden years, your vet may advise more frequent visits. This is because regular exams greatly increase the chances of any developing medical issues being diagnosed early, which can be very beneficial. At home, keep up with Fluffy’s parasite control, and watch for signs of illness. Ask your vet for more information.

Emergency Visits

Cats often don’t let on that they don’t feel well until they’re quite sick. Therefore, it’s very important to contact your vet immediately if you notice potential symptoms of illness in your cat. Some common ones to watch out for include hiding, poor grooming, litterbox issues, weight loss, change in appetite, grumpiness, and uncharacteristic behavior or vocalizations.

The Car Ride

Car rides aren’t exactly one of Fluffy’s favorite things. To make the trip a bit easier on your furball, put soft bedding and a few toys in her crate. While you’re driving, choose a route that doesn’t have a lot of bumps, and try not to stop and start too quickly. If your kitty is extremely nervous, crack a window to make sure she’s getting lots of air, and play some soothing music for her. Cat calming products, such as sprays, can also help.

While You’re There

Don’t be afraid to ask for specific recommendations on your kitty’s nutritional needs, and to get some professional advice on any behavioral issues you’ve noticed. If you have a kitten, ask for some kittyproofing tips. And if your pet is a senior, ask your vet for advice on Fluffy’s changing needs. That’s what we’re here for!

Do you need to make an appointment for your cat? Call us, your Indianapolis, IN animal clinic, anytime. We are happy to help!

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