Helping Fido and Fluffy Get Along

Do you have a dog and a cat? While sometimes dogs and cats get along very well, at other times their relationship can get a bit rocky. Below, an Indianapolis, IN vet discusses helping Fido and Fluffy coexist peacefully.

Making The Right Match

Some of our furry friends are very well suited to having furry roommates. Others . . . not so much. Ideally, both pets should be calm and friendly. A nervous cat that has never been around dogs may never learn to enjoy having a canine around. Kittens can grow up with dogs, but they are also very fragile, and more easily injured. As for Fido, his breed and personality will also play a large role. Some dogs have a strong prey drive, and will instinctively chase anything that moves. Needless to say, pups with aggressive tendencies are not good matches for homes with cats. Don’t take chances!


Introductions are very important. Keep your new pet in a quiet room at first, with food, toys, bedding, and other supplies. Let your furkids get used to each other’s scents, and then allow interactions. Keep Fido leashed at first. Watch carefully for signs of trouble, and don’t leave your pets alone together until you know they are getting along.

Offer Fluffy Hiding Spots

Make sure that your kitty has some safe hiding spots in every room that Fido can’t reach. This can be a pet condo, or even a spot under the couch or behind a bookcase. Fluffy will also appreciate having a spot that is high off the ground, such as a cat tower.

Baby Gates

Baby gates can be a great help in keeping pets separated, especially at first, as Fido and Fluffy are just getting to know each other.


Our canine friends are very sharp. With proper training, Fido can learn that he is not allowed to chase the cat. Ask your vet or a professional behaviorist for advice.


Be considerate of your pets when arranging their things. For instance, Fluffy won’t be happy if she has to walk past Fido to use her litterbox.


Take time to play with your pets individually. Fun play sessions will burn off your furry pals’ excess energy, leaving you with calmer furkids.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Indianapolis, IN animal clinic, today!

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