7 Weird Ways Cats Show Affection

Do you have a kitty? While all of our feline buddies are definitely unique, they do share some common traits and habits, as well as some adorable quirks. Some of the ways cats show affection are super cute, while others are, well, a little strange. Read on as an Indianapolis, IN vet lists some of the more interesting ways things cats show their love.

Tummy Rub

Does your furball sometimes lie on her back and let you rub her tummy? If so, your pet has just paid you a very high compliment. That furry belly is Fluffy’s most vulnerable area, and she only lets people she really trusts touch it.


One of the most adorable things about our feline friends is the fact that they actually vibrate with happiness. Some affectionate kitties start purring as soon as their humans pet them or pick them up!


It’s great to settle down at the end of a long day with a good book or movie and a purring cat on your lap. At least, until Fluffy starts kneading you. This is actually a sign that your cat thinks of you as her human parent: kittens knead while nursing to stimulate milk flow. (Tip: put a towel or blanket on your lap, so your furball lies on that.)


While a full-force chomp is usually a sign that you have an angry cat on your hands, a light nibble is often just a playful show of affection.


Kitties like to keep a close eye on their humans. Fluffy may follow you from room to room like a furry little shadow, and may even follow you into the bathroom!

Head Butts

For us humans, head butts are definitely not a sign of affection. However, when Fluffy bonks you with her head, she’s showing that she loves you.


If your feline friend has ever brought you a dead animal, she probably looked very proud of herself. We actually domesticated these cute furballs because of their hunting prowess. Apparently, Fluffy never got the memo about how her hunting services were no longer needed. Keeping your kitty indoors will stop her from leaving ‘gifts’ on your doorstep, and will also help preserve fragile wildlife populations.

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