5 Things Cats Just Can’t Resist

Do you have a kitty? Chances are, your feline friend has some very adorable habits and mannerisms that keep a smile on your face. Fluffy is certainly full of cute quirks! Just like people, kitties all have their own unique personalities. Our furry pals do seem to share some likes and dislikes, however. In this article, an Indianapolis, IN vet lists a few things that cats just can’t seem to resist.


Fluffy’s box obsession has had scientists scratching their heads for some time. We know that cats feel safe in small, enclosed spaces. This, however, doesn’t explain why some cats stuff themselves into boxes that really are much too small for them. Whatever the reason, if you happen to put an empty box on the floor, there’s a pretty good chance your furball won’t waste much time hopping into it.


Cats just love sunbathing. You may notice your kitty’s favorite napping spots just happen to be in sunny areas. One might almost suspect that Fluffy runs on solar power!

Small Spaces

As noted above, cats feel secure in small spaces. Your kitty may hop into a paper grocery bag, opened drawer, closet, or anything else she can fit into. This is also why pet tents and kitty condos go over so well with our feline friends!


Have you ever caught your kitty smacking small objects off the table with her paw? Does Fluffy sometimes pounce on dangling strings, such as apron ties? Fluffy’s mischievous streak can definitely keep cat parents on their toes! Offer your frisky pet plenty of fun toys to play with.

Cozy Napping Spots

If you fold a soft blanket onto a chair, Fluffy probably won’t take very long to claim it as a napping spot. Kitties also love pet beds and baskets of warm laundry. Many cats also have a hard time resisting the chance to snooze in someone’s lap. One of our feline friends’ most charming qualities is the fact that they often love nothing more than to cuddle up with us for yet another nap. Oblige your furball’s love of napping spots by making sure she has plenty of them!

Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? We are here to assist with all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. Please reach out to us, your local Indianapolis, IN animal clinic, anytime.

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