Keeping Your Pet Safe During Holiday Celebrations

The holidays are a very special time of year. It’s wonderful to relax and enjoy time with friends and family members while enjoying those delicious holiday foods. Your pet may see things a bit differently, however. While your furry pal may be thrilled to get some new toys and special treats, many pets are frightened by the noise and commotion that accompanies holiday celebrations. Below, a Greenwood, IN vet offers tips on keeping your furry pal safe and sound during holiday parties.


Are you or your neighbors hosting a party? Tire your pet out with a long walk and/or a vigorous play session before the festivities begin. This will burn off your furball’s excess energy, leaving you with a calmer pet.

Safe Zone

Keep your pet indoors on New Year’s Eve, and on any other nights when there are loud parties in your area. Put your furry pal in a quiet back room with some food, toys, treats, and a cozy bed. It also won’t hurt to leave a radio or TV on in that room to mask the sounds of fireworks and celebrations.

Check The Chip

We can’t stress enough how important it is to microchip your beloved pet. If your furball hasn’t been chipped yet, see to this as soon as possible. If your pet gets frightened and bolts, that chip could save his or her life!

Food And Drinks

Holiday foods can make your four-legged buddy very sick! Avocados; grapes, currants, and raisins; macadamia nuts; garlic and onions; chocolate; raw dough; and products containing xylitol are all very toxic to our furry friends. You also want to make sure not to leave alcohol where your pet can reach it.

Calming Your Pet

If your furry friend is easily frightened, ask your vet about the possibility of using medication to keep him or her calm. You can also find products for calming cats and dogs in pet stores. Just be sure to follow any advice or instructions to the letter.


Are you hosting a big party this year? If so, consider boarding your furry pal at a pet hotel that night. Your furbaby will be safe and sound, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about your pet.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Greenwood, IN vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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