Holiday Gifts for Kitties

Cats are more than just pets: they’re part of the family. Fluffy’s adorable face, cute antics, and loving snuggles are truly precious gifts. It’s no wonder that so many kitty parents include their furballs in their holiday shopping. Are you debating over what to get your kitty? There’s nothing wrong with catnip mice and cans of tuna, but there are many other great gift options for our feline friends. A local Indianapolis, IN vet offers some holiday gift ideas for cats in this article.

Cat Grass

A small container of cat grass is a great gift for your four-legged pal. You can find it in many local pet stores, or you can even plant your own.

Kitty Tower

A cat tower will give Fluffy a great vantage point from which she can stare at you and ponder … whatever it is that cats ponder. They also offer your furball a manicure station, a jungle gym, and yet another napping spot. You get extra purrs if you can position it before a window!


Believe it or not, there are DVDs made just for kitties to watch. Many furballs really enjoy watching programs about birds and fish. This is a great way to entertain Fluffy while you’re at work!

Drinking Fountain

Many cats like drinking running water. If Fluffy enjoys drinking from the faucet, she may appreciate a kitty drinking fountain.


We’re guessing that many app developers also have furry overlords, as there are now several apps made just for Fluffy to play with. Download a few kitty games for your tablet. Just be warned: results may vary. Some kitties love these hi-tech toys, while others will just blink and stare at you.

Window Perch

Cats love to look out windows. A window seat is another cute idea for your feline pal.

Automated Laser Pointer

If Fluffy likes playing with a laser pointer, consider getting her an automated one. You may find yourself with one happy cat!


It’s certainly no secret that cats love napping. Get your sleepy furball a few different beds, and place them in various areas.


After everyone is done opening gifts, give your furball one more present: the empty boxes!

All of us here at your local Indianapolis, IN vet clinic want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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