5 Cute Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day

Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day? Fluffy would no doubt insist that every day is National Cat Day, but the official date is just around the corner. Our feline friends enrich our lives with their adorable antics and mannerisms, and are definitely worth celebrating! Below, an Indianapolis, IN vet lists some cute ways to celebrate Fluffy’s special day.

Cat Shaming

If you’ve never heard of cat shaming, do a quick online search. Chances are, you’ll probably soon be chuckling at the results. Cat shaming basically entails taking a picture of Fluffy next to a sign that describes a naughty, cute, or funny habit that she has. This is a great way to celebrate your feline buddy’s adorable mannerisms and unique quirks.


Fluffy’s box obsession probably won’t be fading anytime soon. The semi-official theory behind kitties’ love of boxes is that our feline friends feel safe in small, enclosed spaces. However, this doesn’t explain why cats sometimes stuff themselves into boxes that are clearly a few sizes too small. Whatever the reason, this is one adorable quirk many cats share. Why not get Fluffy a new box?

New Toys

Toys are great for our feline friends: they provide kitties with both mental stimulation and entertainment. This is a great time to pick up a new toy for your furry pal. Classic cat toys like catnip mice and little balls are ‘purrfectly’ fine, but you might find some fun new playthings for your furball. Try catnip bubbles, which put Kitty’s favorite plant into bubbles she can chase, or download some fun apps for her to play with on your tablet.


Our feline friends certainly do love their naps. Fluffy generally doesn’t have too much difficulty making herself comfortable on your furniture, but she’ll also appreciate a few comfy pieces of her own. Pick up a kitty bed for your sleepy furball at a local store, or make your own by putting a soft blanket or pillow into a box or wicker basket. Voila!


Of course, the best way to pamper Fluffy is to make her feel loved. Spend some quality time with your furball, and let her curl up with you for a nap if she likes.

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