Getting in Shape With Fido

Are you trying to drop a few pounds? Does your dog need to trim down? Fido can make a great workout buddy! Below, a Greenwood, IN vet lists some options for exercising with Fido.


Walking is a great way to get in shape. It burns lots of calories, but is easy on your joints. If you’re getting bored your route, change things up by going to a doggy park or a different neighborhood.


Fido can make a great jogging pal! Before taking Fido out on a run, check with your vet, as not all dogs are well-suited to vigorous exercise. Small dogs, senior dogs, and Brachycephalic dogs, which is the term for pups with those adorable pushed-in faces, like pugs, may not be good running partners. If your vet gives the all-clear, start by alternating walking and running.

Fun Games

There are many active games you can enjoy with your canine pal. Fetch is of course a classic choice. To make it more challenging for you, do jumping jacks or lunges while Fido is retrieving his stick or toy. Tag is another good option: take turns chasing your dog, and letting him chase you. Frisbee is also a great choice.

Strength Training

Do you hate doing sit-ups? Make them more fun by tossing a toy for Fido to retrieve as you’re sitting up. You can also do this with lunges and other common exercises.


Man’s Best Friend loves exploring! Consider taking Fido on a scenic hike to a local park, such as Eagle Creek Park or Monon Trail.

Other Options

Swimming is another great way to exercise with dogs. Biking and rollerblading are also possibilities, though you’ll need to make sure Fido is properly trained. You can also try dancing with your pup. If you’re feeling really adventurous, set up an agility course, and do some agility training with your canine buddy.

General Safety

Before starting Fido on an exercise regime, ask your vet for recommendations. You’ll want to be sure that your dog’s fitness regime is perfectly tailored to his age, breed, and health. Remember to offer your pup plenty of water! Also, be careful not to overexert your pup. Start slowly, to let your pooch build up his endurance.

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