Hug Your Cat Day

Did you know that June 4th is International Hug Your Cat Day? While some of our feline friends would undoubtedly like to remind us that cats should be hugged daily, we do recommend that you take a few minutes on June 4th to hug your kitty. In this article, a local Indianapolis veterinarian discusses hugging your cat.

Benefits of Hugging Cats

Hugging your cat is actually very good for you! Studies show that cuddling with a kitty can lower blood pressure and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. If Fluffy starts purring, you get additional benefits: cats’ purrs seem to have both calming and healing properties!

Helping Cats That Need Hugs

Every year, thousands of sweet, loving kitties end up in shelters. Sadly, many of these wonderful pets only have a short window of time to find a home. Making sure your furball has been spayed or neutered will help battle feline overpopulation, which is one of the main reasons animal shelters and rescues are so overwhelmed. You can also support local animal welfare groups and shelters by volunteering; donating time, goods, or money; and just by spreading awareness.

Above and Beyond the Hug

Since this is such a special day for Fluffy, why not indulge her a bit? Get her a new toy, a special treat, or a super-comfy kitty bed. Catnip will also likely not be unappreciated. In fact, if Fluffy is an only pet, she may enjoy having a roommate! Consider whether getting a second feline is a good option for you and your feline friend. If so, this is a great day to hug a new cat!

Celebrate The Occasion

Why not celebrate this special occasion by taking some great pics of your kitty? To get a good cat pic from a smartphone, you may want to download apps just for taking pet pictures. These smart apps make sounds that are designed to get Fluffy’s attention. If you have young children or grandchildren, take a few moments to get a special shot of them hugging your kitty. Hint: to get a good picture of your feline buddy, get down on the ground, so you’re shooting from Fluffy’s eye level. Framed black and white pictures of kids and kitties hugging make lovely wall art!

Please contact us, your Indianapolis vet clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!

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