How to Build a DIY Doggy Playground

Does your pooch have a yard to play in? If so, that’s great! While we firmly believe that dogs should live indoors, our canine friends need fresh air and exercise, so a fenced yard is always a wonderful thing for them to have. It may be easier than you think to incorporate a canine playground for your furry best friend into the back yard. If you’re considering making some changes to your yard, you may want to read these great tips from a Greenwood vet on building a DIY doggy playground.

Doggy Pool

Does your pooch love water? If so, make Fido his own little wading pool. Children’s wading pools are fairly inexpensive, and make great doggy spas. Use painted rocks, plants, and decorative, doggy-safe grasses to form a border around the pool and make it look pretty. Don’t forget Fido’s rubber ducky!


If Fido is a digger, he may absolutely love a sandbox. Just use boards and sand to make your pup his own playground. If you bury toys and treats, he’ll know where to find the good stuff, which may also help keep him from digging up your yard.

Dog Run

Sectioning off part of the yard to use as a dog run is a great way to let Fido spend time outside without leaving waste all over the lawn. Use fake grass if you like, or soft mulch. Add plants and decorative stones to spruce it up.


There are no limits to the cute and attractive options of homes you can build for your pooch. You can choose something that matches your home, or do something different in contrast. Once it’s built, you can decorate Fido’s new puppy palace with stencils, signs, and dog-safe plants.

Jungle Gyms

Remember how much fun it was playing on slides as a kid? Your four-legged furkid can also have a blast on his own slide. Or, paint and bury large tires to make little doggy tunnels. Ramps can also be lots of fun for your pooch.


Have you ever seen a playful dog bouncing around in a sprinkler? Consider getting a sprinkler for Fido to play in on hot days. While you’re at it, an automatic waterer may not be a bad idea either.

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