Your Cat’s Life-Stage Diet Can Be Key to Her Good Health

Your delightful new kitten Dixie will be the most pampered feline in the neighborhood. You just adopted this tiny peach-colored cat yesterday, and she has already enjoyed her plush cat bed and colorful toys. This little charmer has even wheedled several extra treats from your family. Tomorrow, she visits your Indianapolis vet for a complete new patient exam. He’ll also prescribe a life-stage diet that provides your perpetual energy machine with essential quality nutrients.

Power-Packed Kitten Kibbles

At any moment, Dixie might race through the house like a tiny orange blur; or chase her tail in circles like a little whirling dervish. Your kitten’s small body is also developing very quickly.

To support this frenetic lifestyle, and meet her impressive nutritional needs, she requires a high-calorie, protein-rich diet. Otherwise, she might grow to a substandard weight and/or develop troublesome medical problems.

Pregnant or Nursing Feline Nutrition

Although your kitten will be spayed when she’s old enough, you plan to perform volunteer foster cat work for an animal rescue group. You’ll likely meet at least one pregnant feline who requires nutrients for herself and her growing kittens. If the expectant mother doesn’t receive the necessary nourishment, she might not generate enough milk for every offspring. She could also face nutrition-related ailments.

Tailored Senior Cat Diet

Someday, your lightning-fast orange kitten will become a more sedentary feline senior citizen. As she ages, she might encounter mobility issues that make it tougher to enjoy daily activities. She could also develop a chronic medical condition, such as kidney or heart disease.

Your vet will monitor your cat’s health and address emerging medical problems. He’ll also consider a specially formulated food that enhances her treatment program.

Feline Obesity Cause

Cats can become portly, even obese, at any point in life. Frequently, they pack on weight by gobbling too many kibbles for their pathetic exercise levels. These unfortunate felines can also become fat by consuming the wrong life-stage diet.

Assume middle-aged Dixie sleeps and watches birds all day, instead of burning calories with regular activity. However, she still gulps down her high-calorie kitten food. She’ll eventually gain weight, and might find herself unable to easily perform some activities.

Your Indianapolis vet will continually adjust Dixie’s diet to reflect her changing life-stage needs. If your cat could benefit from expert nutritional counseling, contact us for an appointment.

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