Your Dog’s Regular Walks Help to Make Him a Healthier, Happier Pooch

Your golden retriever Jax has become your neighborhood’s “Walking Wizard.” This energetic reddish pooch loves his twice-daily long walks, and he always tries to drag you down one more street. He also joins you for hikes in several nearby scenic parks. You’re happy that your dog loves to stay active, and your Greenwood veterinarian is pleased that your four-year-old housemate has gotten in great shape. This healthful exercise helps your canine companion to strengthen his muscles and keep his body flexible, among other benefits.

Digestion and Weight Benefits

Jax has always had a trouble-prone digestive system, and he occasionally suffers from embarrassing constipation episodes. Although your vet monitors these issues, consistent exercise can help to normalize your dog’s bodily functions. Since he’s prone to weight gain, regular brisk jaunts help him to burn calories and stay at a consistent scale number.

Improved Self-Confidence

When you adopted handsome Jax two years ago, he was a timid young pooch who hid behind other shelter dogs when you approached him. He was also clearly skittish in that multiple-dog environment. After you brought this affectionate canine home, you helped him to become more outgoing and confident with your family. These interactions prepared him to socialize with your friends, coworkers, and other dogs.

Following many neighborhood walks, farmer’s market strolls, and dog park trips, your furry introvert became the friendliest dog around. Now, he eagerly leaps into situations that would have previously driven him to hide in the closet.

Increased Obedience Skills

Along with his poor socialization skills, Jax obviously needed structure in his life. When your goal-oriented pooch was bored, he industriously chewed on your home’s furniture and baseboards. This happy seventy-pound companion also jumped on visitors while he greeted them. Unfortunately, those unwelcome antics greatly decreased your social invitations.

Now desperate, you booked your unpredictable dog into a basic obedience class. He seemed eager to gain the discipline, and he proudly demonstrated his talents each week. He even got that highly valued course completion certificate. Now, you can take your friendly canine housemate everywhere without worrying about his unacceptable antics.

Your Greenwood veterinarian was pleased to see Jax’s impressive physical and emotional transformation. You’re sure your dog’s regular walks were a large part of his success. If your canine companion could benefit from a targeted exercise program, contact us for an appointment.

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