Sneaky But Adorable Ways Your Cat Manipulates You

Does your household include a feline resident? If so, there’s a pretty good chance that your furry little friend has you wrapped around that cute little paw. Kitties are actually very good at getting people to do what they want. They even managed to get the ancient Egyptians to worship them! In this article, your local Indianapolis vet discusses some of the sneaky but adorable ways your feline pal manipulates you.


Have you ever noticed that some kitties’ meows sound quite a lot like a baby’s cries? That is no coincidence. Scientists suspect that our feline friends not only started meowing specifically to manipulate humans, but that they have perfected the sound that works the best. It turns out that the meow most likely to pull our heartstrings sounds remarkably like that of an infant!

Leg Rub

Isn’t it cute when Fluffy rubs against your leg? This little habit is a bit more than simple affection. Kitty is subtly marking you with her scent, which may be one way to claim ownership. She may have also noticed that this works pretty well at getting her fed!

The Wake Up Call

Does your furball wake you up in the morning when it’s time for her breakfast? Cats are often very diligent at making sure their owners don’t oversleep. Kitty’s methods may not necessarily be gentle, either: she might smack you with her paw, lightly bite you, or just sit on your chest.

Food Quality

Has your furball ever begged and meowed pitifully, pleading for her supper … even though her bowl is full? If you’ve ever dumped your kitty’s food out, and replaced it with a different flavor, only to have your furry little diva turn that cute little nose up and walk away, your kitty is a master of manipulation.

The Lap of Luxury

Every night, millions of people find themselves more or less stuck in their chairs. Why? Because their kitties are snuggled up in their laps, purring away and just looking so cute and comfortable that it somehow seems cruel to move them. Fluffy’s so good at pulling our strings, she even does it in her sleep!

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