Tips on Dogsitting for Others

Have you agreed to care for a friend or family member’s dog? Doggysitting can be a lot of fun! It’s also a lot or responsibility, so you’ll want to be prepared. In this article from your local Greenwood vet clinic, you’ll read some great tips on doggysitting for others.

Meet N Greet

Before agreeing to doggysit, make sure you’ve met your furry charge. Many dogs get separation anxiety when separated from their owners, and being faced with a stranger can make Fido even more uneasy. Getting to know the dog beforehand will make the pooch more liable to obey you, and less likely to act aggressive.

Treat Protocol

Ask the dog’s owner what treats are allowed, and stick to approved snacks. It may be tempting to slip your furry pal a few fatty treats, but don’t give in! Some dogs may have allergic reactions, or may suffer gastric distress from certain foods. The last thing you want to do is make the pooch sick!

Go For A Long Walk

Making sure Fido gets enough exercise is not only good for his health, it’s good for his behavior. You don’t want to overexert your four-legged pal, but walk him long enough so that he burns off any excess energy. Your canine pal will be much better behaved if he’s a bit tired and sleepy. A word of caution: when walking the dog, make sure you’ve got a good grip on his leash, and avoid routes where you might come across other animals.

Stick To Routines

Try to stick to Fido’s regular schedule for feeding and walking as much as possible. Dogs find comfort in steady routine, and disrupting his schedule may distress him. The poor little guy is already upset because his owner’s gone!

Secure The Home

Whether you’re sitting at your house, or at the owner’s, make sure that the home is completely secure. Some dogs are really good at escaping, and you don’t want your furry pal to run off!

Get Emergency Info

Hopefully everything will run smoothly, but just in case it doesn’t, make sure you have copies of Fido’s medical records, and contact information for his vet.

Do you have any questions about dog care or behavior? Contact us, your Greenwood vet clinic, any time! We strive to provide our clients with the best veterinary services possible.

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