Dogs and Bones

We’ve all heard the term ‘Give the dog a bone,’ but did you know that bones can actually be very dangerous for our furry pals? Below, your local veterinarian Indianapolis goes over some information on Fido’s favorite treat.

Cooked Bones

Bones become very brittle when they are cooked, which can make them quite dangerous for your furry friend to eat. According to the FDA, eating cooked bones can cause several serious health problems for your beloved pet. Broken teeth, mouth or tongue injuries, and constipation are a few of the possibilities. Your dog could also get bone fragments stuck in his windpipe, esophagus, stomach, or intestines. Fido could also get the bone caught in his jaw, or develop a bacterial infection from pieces puncturing his stomach. Any of these things would require an emergency trip to the vet, and possibly surgery!

Raw Bones

Many experts consider raw beef or bison bones to be a safe and healthy treat for your canine buddy. Shinbones and knucklebones are generally considered the safest types of bones for Man’s Best Friend. Fido won’t get a whole lot of nutrition from them, but they will help keep his jaw strong and provide mental stimulation. Ground up chicken wings or turkey necks are also acceptable options.


There are still some things to watch out for when giving your dog raw bones. If you have multiple dogs, separate your canine pals before feeding bones, so they don’t fight over them. You also want to keep a close eye on your pooch when he’s chomping away, so you can act quickly if he begins to choke. Dogs with dental work or digestive issues should never be given bones. You also should avoid giving bones to pups that tend to chomp things down very quickly, as they are much more likely to choke. Bones are also not recommended for breeds with pushed-in faces, such as pugs. Never give your pet bones that have been sawed, as they are much more likely to splinter.


Today, there are several great alternatives to real bones. Bakers’ jumbones, rawhide knucklebones, birthday bones, and smoked knucklebones are a few excellent options. Large bone-shaped biscuits are another suitable choice. All of these are completely safe and doggy-approved!

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