Strange Ways Your Cat Sleeps

If there’s a furball in your home, there’s a pretty good chance that your kitty is asleep as you are reading this. If there is anything cats do well, it’s sleeping. Your furry buddy will actually spend up to a third of her life asleep, and can often be found sound asleep in positions that, to us, would be terribly uncomfortable. Read on as your vet clinic Indianapolis weighs in on your kitty’s interesting sleep habits.


Cats are extremely flexible animals. Their spines are able to twist and bend quite a bit, especially in comparison to ours. Mother Nature may have intended this to help Fluffy be a better hunter, or to help her escape predators, but that’s beside the point. Fluffy takes full advantage of her special ‘bendiness’ to drape herself over sofa backs, chairs, boxes, casserole dishes, your lap, and pretty much anything else in her vicinity.

Cat Naps

Cats definitely sleep a lot, but they aren’t always completely zonked. Cats can process sounds and smells when they are sleeping, at least, in the lighter phases of sleep. If you pay close attention, you might notice that Fluffy’s ears will move if you call to her while she’s dozing, even she doesn’t otherwise appear to be awake. This helps sleeping kitties hear predators and other animals, even when they’re sleeping.


Cats actually spend up to two thirds of their lives asleep. Kitties spend more time sleeping than almost any other mammal, with the exceptions of a few types of bats, opossums, and possibly some teenagers. When Kitty lived in the wild, she did use quite a bit of energy hunting her dinner, so getting enough sleep was important for helping her recharge. That said, it must also be noted that of the many, many other predatory animals on the planet, the others seem to do just fine on normal amounts of sleep. Apparently, either no one has told cats this, or they just don’t care. As far as Fluffy’s concerned, there’s no such thing as too much sleep, especially on dreary days.


Do kitties dream? Studies say yes, they do. According to some studies, kitties dream in much the same way we do. When it comes to what Fluffy is dreaming about, however, we can onlyimagine. Dinner, boxes, and birds are a few of our guesses.

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