Help Your Dog Recover with These Physical Therapies

Your Labrador retriever Bailey is chomping at the bit to get moving again. Bailey suffered a recent leg injury that has kept him sidelined, although he seems to be slowly getting his mobility back. You know that physical therapy can often help human patients to heal faster, and you’ve read that dog-oriented physical therapy centers now provide similar services for canine patients. You’ve decided to ask your Indianapolis veterinarian if Bailey can benefit from a physical therapy program. You’re especially interested in massage therapy and water therapy, two common therapies that are increasingly available nationwide.

Physical Therapy Techniques

While your vet will design Bailey’s physical therapy regimen, he can choose from varied techniques, some more appropriate than others. While massage therapy and water therapy are very popular, acupuncture, heat and cold therapy, and electrical therapy also have their uses. Targeted stretching and ultrasound are additional choices. Collectively, these therapies might help Bailey to increase his mobility and strength, reduce pain, and even drop some weight. Since Bailey previously enjoyed lots of physical activities, targeted physical therapy can help him to return to his active life.

Soothing Massage Therapy

You know a good therapeutic massage can help you banish stress and help injured tissues to heal faster. Fortunately, Bailey can see similar benefits from his massages; and he might also seem calmer and appear to have reduced pain. While a basic therapeutic massage will provide significant benefits, some canine therapy centers also provide targeted deep tissue massages. Also, since Bailey’s now a middle-aged dog, regular massage therapy can help to reduce joint stiffness that will naturally occur as he becomes a canine senior citizen.

Wonderful Water Therapy

Bailey’s often hesitant to put weight on his injured leg, making it difficult to strengthen the leg through land-based exercise. Older and overweight dogs might also find land-based workouts a problem. Here’s where water therapy pools can really help, as water allows Bailey to get a nice range of motion while the water supports his body. At the same time, the water’s resistance helps Bailey to improve his blood circulation and build his muscles.

Therapists often use underwater treadmills, designed to give Bailey a normal walking motion without putting weight on his sensitive muscles, joints, and bones. Through water therapy, Bailey can strengthen his muscles and improve his stamina, while potentially losing some weight and experiencing less pain.

If your Indianapolis vet thinks Bailey can benefit from targeted physical therapy, ask him to recommend a qualified therapist and/or therapy center. After all, you want to help Bailey return to his active lifestyle as soon as possible.

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