My Cat Has Lost His Interest in Food

You never thought your tabby Tommy would be one of those picky eater cats. In fact, you were thrilled that you found a nutritious cat food that Tommy absolutely loved. For the past year, Tommy has scarfed down his favorite food as soon as the kibbles hit the bowl; however, something has changed in the past few days. Tommy hardly pays attention to his food, and when he does, he only eats a few scraps and turns away from his bowl. You don’t want Tommy to become malnourished, and you also wonder if your big tabby cat has become ill. You’ve asked your Greenwood veterinarian to get to the bottom of Tommy’s picky eating behavior.

Medical Malady

Your vet wants to rule out an underlying medical problem first. Perhaps the answer is simple: Tommy has a painful tooth that gets worse when he crunches his kibbles. Or, Tommy might have an intestinal ailment, a nasty infection, or kidney failure or different chronic condition.

Temporary Side Effect

While Tommy’s vaccinations effectively protect him against dangerous feline diseases, his shots might cause a few temporary side effects, such as a decreased appetite. Fortunately, Tommy should regain his hearty appetite within a few days.

Stress or Hunger Strike

Even though Tommy’s a laid-back cat, he can feel stress and anxiety from upheavals in his living environment. If your family has recently moved, Tommy has had to adjust to new surroundings, smells, and spots for his food and water bowls (and litter box). Maybe you just adopted a new pet, and Tommy’s wondering if he has moved downward in the pecking order. Or, maybe Tommy has suddenly had enough of his food, and he has staged a hunger strike to show his displeasure.

Major Motion Sickness

If Tommy recently accompanied you on a road trip, he probably rode in his carrier while the car traveled over all types of roads. Rough roads with potholes, smooth roads, twists and turns, different elevations…these could all have played havoc with Tommy’s stomach. Poor Tommy didn’t know which end was up, and his body responded by developng a bad case of motion sickness. If you were him, you wouldn’t want to eat, either.

Once your Greenwood vet determines why Tommy has virtually stopped eating, your vet can develop a strategy to help Tommy’s appetite return to normal.

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