Why Do Cats Like High Places?

Does your Indianapolis cat seem to have a fondness for high places? Just like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, cats like to observe things without being easily seen. It’s a fairly safe bet to say that at any given moment, there are cats all over the world perched in high places, looking down over their domains.

There are a few reasons cats are inclined to climbing up to high spots. In the wild, Kitty often had to scramble up trees to escape predators. Those curved little claws are made for climbing, and for supporting your feline’s weight. They work as built-in leverage anchors and grappling irons. Mother Nature may not have intended for Kitty to use those claws to run up your drapes, but your feline friend finds them quite convenient.

Cats feel safe in high places. Your feline friend’s view of the world is somewhat limited, when she’s on the ground. Grass, shrubs, fences, debris, and other things can easily hide predators. When she is safely ensconced in a tree, she has a clear view of her surroundings. This makes Kitty feel safe. This isn’t to say that your cat is sleeping on top of the refrigerator out of fear of predators, just that cats instinctively feel safe when they can see what’s going on. This helps cats relax a bit, and we all know that if there is one thing cats like doing, it’s relaxing.

There is another possible reason for cats to like heights: Kitty may simply feel that it is easier for you to worship her when she is elevated! If you observe your furball closely when she is in a high spot, you may very likely find that your feline friend has a very smug and satisfied look on her face. After all, your kitty very likely considers your Indianapolis home to be her kingdom.

Some cat breeds are more likely than others to instinctively seek high places. Maine Coons, Bengals, Siamese cats, and Norwegian Forest Cats all tend to be fond of high spots, though this behavior is by no means limited to those specific breeds.

If you tend to find your cat in your cupboards, on top of an armoire, or even on the fridge, chances are your cat will really enjoy a cat tree or perch, especially if it is placed in front of a window. One interesting note about cats and heights: if you have multiple kitties and a cat tower, the cat with the highest perch may very likely be the ‘head cat’ of your little group.

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