Cutest Dog Tricks Ever

Does your Indianapolis dog know any tricks? Maybe your furry buddy knows how to Shake, Sing, or Beg. If so, we’re guessing he looks pretty cute when ‘performing’. Basic dog tricks, such as Roll Over, Fetch and Play Dead, have been amusing dogs and their owners for centuries. Dogs benefit from the stimulation of learning new tricks, and can be very, very eager to please their human friends. If your pooch has mastered the standards, why not show him a few lesser-known tricks? Chances are he’ll keep you chuckling for years with some of these silly tricks.

Be a Shark. Dog Bares Teeth

The smaller your dog is, the cuter this trick gets.

Did you wash your hands? Dog Shows Paw Pads

We suggest saving this one for when you’re having company over for dinner.

Gimme Five. Dog Touches Hand with Paw

If you like to have friends over to watch sports, this is a great trick to use when your team scores.

Don’t Look! Dog Puts Paws Over Eyes

We suggest saving this one for when the other team is about to score, or for that moment in the movie when it seems all is lost.

Where’s Your Tail? Dog Chases Tail

This one’s just an all-purpose cute trick that is adorable every time!

Find the Kitty. Dog Finds Cat

This one’s not only endearing, but will come in handy if you really are trying to find the cat. Needless to say, you’ll only want to teach Fido this one if he and the cat are buddies.

Are you hungry? Dog brings Food Dish

This could become Fido’s favorite trick, especially if you reward him with food every time!

Turn Light On/Off.

This is a great trick to teach a dog, and can actually prove very helpful, especially if you have family members who are elderly or disabled.

You can also teach your pooch how to identify several objects by name. Once Fido has that down, he can learn to fetch the remote, get your phone, or bring you a drink from the fridge. The possibilities are endless!

All of these tricks have the same basic requirements. It boils down to spending some time with your dog, being patient, and consistently rewarding your canine buddy for performing the correct action. A little research can help you find the step-by-step instructions for teaching your furry pal specific tricks.

Make sure your Indianapolis dog has the basic commands down before moving on to fun tricks. Sit, Lay Down, Heel, Come, and Stay are all very important for your pup to know, both for safety reasons and for good doggy manners.

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