Purchasing the Right Dog Crate

Every dog needs a good-quality crate. Not only are they essential for transporting your pooch, they’re necessary for training purposes as well. Use the guidelines below to make sure you’re purchasing the proper crate for your canine companion.


The first consideration you’ll want to make is about the crate’s size. It may be helpful to bring your dog along with you when crate shopping; this way, you’ll know for certain that the crate fits your dog. Remember, if your dog is younger, he’ll grow larger and may not fit a crate that he fits in now. Be sure to purchase a crate that fits your dog at a full-grown size so you don’t have to buy another one later.

Weight of Dog

Before leaving home to look at carriers, weigh your dog. Once you’re in the pet store, check the packaging of the crate to see if there’s a weight limit listed. If your dog weighs more than the limit, you’ll want to reconsider your purchase. You can check with your Indianapolis’ Southside veterinarian to discover your dog’s weight if you’ve visited the clinic before.


Of course, you’ll want your dog to be comfortable in the crate. If he’s not, transportation and training will be made much harder. Ensure that there’s no sharp edges inside the crate, and make sure there’s enough room to put a soft blanket along the bottom and fit in food and water dishes if needed.


Check the latch of the crate’s door, making sure it locks correctly and will stay secure. Aggressive or fearful dogs may actually be able to chew through thin or flimsy door mechanisms, and clever dogs might even be able to unlatch a poorly-constructed latch.


Your dog’s crate needs to have proper ventilation so your dog can stay in it for extended periods of time if need be. Most crates have ventilation slits along the sides or top to let fresh air in. Check that these slits are large enough to let air in, but not so large that a dog could stick a paw out, which could prove dangerous.

If you’re unsure what crate will work best for your dog, don’t hesitate to call your Indianapolis’ Southside veterinarian. He or she can recommend the perfect carrier for your pooch!

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