Keeping Your Dog Properly Stimulated

A healthy dog is a dog that remains stimulated, both physically and mentally. How can you accomplish this? Use these easy suggestions from a Southport veterinary professional.

Regular Exercise

Exercise accomplishes both physical and mental stimulation in one easy package. Obviously, moving around will promote great physical health, and games like fetch and tug-of-war can make for great brain stimulation as well. Plus, a dog that burns off calories will avoid suffering from obesity, be less likely to engage in destructive behavior, and sleep through the night because he’s worn out!


Besides play and exercise time, regular pet/owner bonding time is essential for keeping your dog happy. Spend time with your dog every day. You don’t have to be doing anything in particular—just relax on the couch or spend a few minutes petting your dog. A dog that is alone too much won’t be happy or stimulated; he needs to feel like part of the family.


A simple game of hide-and-seek can be tons of fun for your pooch, and serve as important mental stimulation at the same time. Try hiding some dog food or treats in secluded locations around the house, like behind furniture or in nooks and crannies. Lead your dog through the house, letting him use his powerful nose to find the hidden treasure.

Alone-Time Activities

Don’t forget to keep your dog stimulated when you’re not around. If you’re gone at work all day, a dog can become lonely, frustrated, and anxious. This can lead to socialization issues or even fearful or aggressive behavior. Leave your dog with plenty of toys to keep him happy. Puzzle toys that contain food in the center can keep dogs entertained for hours.

Ask your Southport veterinarian for more advice on keeping your dog satisfied when you’re not around, as well as other ways to stimulate his brain and body. Maintaining a few simple routines will help keep your dog’s overall health in tip-top shape for life!

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