Anisocoria in Cats

Anisocoria is the medical term for unequal pupil size. Some cats can suffer from this condition, caused by a variety of medical issues. Find out more from your Southport veterinarian below.

Symptoms in Your Cat

The most noticeable and obvious symptom is a pupil that is visibly smaller than the other. Look at your cat directly head-on and you should be able to tell if this is the case. Many times, there is pain associated with the unequal pupil size—this could be manifested in your cat through whining and vocalization, pawing at the head, or tilting the head at an angle. Internal pressure or head trauma could cause confusion in your pet as well; contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice any of these signs.

Causes of Anisocoria in Cats

Several things could be causing your cat’s pupils to be different sizes. Inflammation of the eye, increased pressure in the eye, poorly developed irises, diseases, scar tissue, or even medications your cat is taking could lead to Anisocoria. Talk to your veterinarian about other possible factors leading to this disorder in your pet.


Your veterinary professional will examine your cat to try and determine the exact cause of the unequal pupil size. Ultrasounds and MRI procedures may be performed to identify growths or tumors in the brain or around the eyes. Your vet will also look for evidence of head trauma and other disorders related to the eye.

Since Anisocoria can be caused by such a variety of conditions, the treatment will vary based on what is causing your cat’s pupils to be of unequal size. Your vet will treat any obvious symptoms and then do what is necessary to correct the issue. Surgery or medications are possible solutions—make sure you’re aware of the treatment regimen and schedule once you take your cat home. Contact your Southport vet for more information on this disorder, and call immediately if you notice anything unusual with your cat’s eyes.


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