Stop Your Dog’s Table Begging

We’ve all experienced the dog who whines at your feet while your family is sitting down to dinner, hoping for a small morsel. If this behavior is frequent and becoming a nuisance, try these tips from a Southport vet to curb your dog’s table-begging behavior.

Keep Dog in Another Room

The simplest way to prevent table-begging may be to simply confine your dog to another room. Keep your pooch in the living room or a bedroom, either using dog gates or keeping her in her crate. Make sure she’s comfortable. If she whines, don’t reward her behavior by giving her attention or table scraps. Eventually, she’ll get the picture that whining doesn’t work.

Feed Dog Too

Sometimes, dogs that are fed their own meal at the same time your family eats dinner will simply focus on their own dinner, not yours. Consider switching your dog’s evening mealtime to line up with your own—there’s a good chance your pup will happily gobble down her food and forget all about the human food on your table.

Avoid Table Scraps

Some dogs whine and beg at the table because they know they’ll be rewarded for it. If you or someone else in your family gives your pooch a scrap of meat often when she begs, she’ll keep up the behavior in hopes of further treats. Instruct everyone in your family to completely avoid handing out scraps.

Train Your Dog

If you don’t want to restrict your dog’s access to the table, put her in her crate, or tie her up during dinnertime, you might try training her to go to her own spot when she starts begging. This way, you can simply state the command—“spot,” “go,” etc.—and your dog will go to her bed or a dog mat and stay there. Ask your Southport veterinarian how to go about doing this. Some dogs will be easier to train than others, so consult your vet on how your dog might respond.


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